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Supporting relationships through reconciliation, forgiveness, apology and meeting relational needs
The learning process
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Behaviour that puts your relationship at risk
Emotional needs
Do you know what your emotional needs are?
Love Language
The Emotional Cup
Common behaviour patterns when relational needs are not met
Good listening
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Relationship course to build professional teams
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Using the material on this web site
Questionaire - how do you want to be loved?
We all want to be loved in a specific way. This questionaire will help you identify how you want to be loved. It will be very useful for couples and parents
Questionaire - What are your emotional needs?
We all have emotional needs. What are they? This questionaire will help you identify your emotional needs.
Love Language Questionaire for teenagers
This questionaire will help the teenager to identify how he/she wants to be loved
Love Language mystery game
This game will help pre-teenagers to identify how they want to be loved
Communication quiz - exploring gender differences
#good communication is vital for a good relationships. How good is yours?
Stepfamilies - some issues and myths to consider

Good listening

If you want lots of friends be a good listener! People are far more interested in telling their story rather than listening to other people's story so you will be very popular if you listen well!

Remember listening does not only involve hearing the words but also registering the tone of the words and looking at the person's body language. This is all part of effective listening. In fact research shows that words only count for about 7%, tone of voice 35% and body language about 58% in the communication process.

EXERCISE: When you are next in conversation with someone try specifically to use all the features of good listening shown in pictures below. You will be amazed at how much more satisfactory and interesting the encounter becomes ! Good listening really helps develop relationships.

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