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Questionaire - how do you want to be loved?
We all want to be loved in a specific way. This questionaire will help you identify how you want to be loved. It will be very useful for couples and parents
Questionaire - What are your emotional needs?
We all have emotional needs. What are they? This questionaire will help you identify your emotional needs.
Love Language Questionaire for teenagers
This questionaire will help the teenager to identify how he/she wants to be loved
Love Language mystery game
This game will help pre-teenagers to identify how they want to be loved
Communication quiz - exploring gender differences
#good communication is vital for a good relationships. How good is yours?
Stepfamilies - some issues and myths to consider

Love Language mystery game

The Love Language Mystery Game

Each clue box has two comments that parents sometimes make to their children.  Read each clue box and pick the one you like better and wish your mum or dad would say to you. Circle the letter that goes with the comment.


Be careful to circle only one comment in each clue box!


After you've gone through all 20 clue boxes go back and count how many A's,B's,C's,D's and E's that you circled. Then write your scores in the blanks at the end of the game.


Ask your mum or dad for help if you have any questions. And have fun unlocking the love language mystery!


1.     Give me a hug!                                                                                      A

          You are terrific!                                                                                      B          -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

2.     I've got a special birthday present for you!                                       C

          I'll help you with your project.                                                            D         


3.      Lets go to a film!                                                                                   E

           Give me a high five!                                                                             A             


    4.    You are so smart!                                                                                  B

           Have you made your Christmas list?                                                C


      5. Would you help me cook dinner?                                                      D

           I like going to fun places with  you!                                                  E


      6. Give me a kiss!                                                                                      A

          You are #1!                                                                                             B



      7. I've got a surprise for you.                                                                   C

          We can make something really cool.                                                  D


       8. Let's watch TV together!                                                                      E

           Tag, you're it!                                                                                         A



     9. You did a great job!                                                                               B

         You've earned a special surprise!                                                        C



     10.You can invite your friends.                                                                D

          Let's go to your favourite restaurant.                                                 E


     11. I'm going to give you a big hug!                                                        A

           You are an awesome kid!                                                                    B


     12. I made your favourite food.                                                               C

            I checked your homework and it looks great!                                D


      13. You are fun to hang out with!                                                            E

            I'll race you!                                                                                          A


      14. Wow! You did it!                                                                                 B

             Check under your bed for a special present!                                  C



       15. I cleaned up your room for you.                                                      D

             Let's play a game together                                                                 E


       16. Would you like for me to rub your back?                                      A

             You can do it! Don't give up!                                                            B


       17.  What would you like for your birthday?                                      C

              We can pick up your friends on the way to the movie               D


       18. I always like doing stuff with you.                                                 E

            You are so huggable!                                                                         A


       19. How did you know how to do that! You are brilliant!                B

             I can't wait to give  you your present!                                            C


      20. Don't worry! I'll pick you up on time!                                             D

            Let's spend the day doing whatever you want to do!                   E




How many A's did you circle?________________

A's stand for physical touch. People whose love language is physical touch like to receive hugs, kisses and high fives.


How many B's did you circle________________

B's stand for word of affirmation. People whose love language is words of affirmation like others to use words to tell them that they are special and that they do a good job.


How many C's did you circle?________________

C's stand for gifts. People with the love language of gifts feel good when someone gives them a special present or surprise.


How many D's did you circle?________________

D's stand for acts of service. A person whose love language is acts of service likes it when others do nice things for them such as helping with chores, school projects or driving them places.


How many E's did you circle?__________________

E's stand for quality time. People with the love language of quality time like it when others do things with them like play a game, watch television or go to the park.


Now ask your mum or dad what letter he or she guessed you would circle the most? Write the letter he or she guesses in the blank_________


Did your mum or dad guess the same letter that you chose most often when playing the love language mystery game? Circle  YES or NO


CONGRATULATIONS! You've solved the love language mystery and figured out what your love language is! Good job!







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